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How to Pay

Payments for activities and the ESNcard are made directly through an ATM outside CajaMar bank offices.

Here you have the instructions:

1) Locate a valid ATM

There are 5 special ATMs at CajaMar banks that you can use for payments:

  • Plaza Romea (same office you used to go before)
  • Plaza de la Fuensanta (next to the big Corte Inglés mall)
  • Calle Cartagena, 18
  • Av. Marqués de los Vélez, 36
  • Av. Miguel de Cervantes, 9

You can check them on this map:

Other ATMs don't allow to make payments, so you have to use one of these 5.

2) Choose "Operaciones en efectivo"

On the initial step, choose "Operaciones en efectivo" (on the right)

3) Choose language

On the next step you can choose whatever language you feel more confortable with for the rest of the process ;)

4) Choose "Ingresar efectivo"

On the next step, choose "Ingresar efectivo" (middle option)

5) Type the account number

Our account number is: ES83 3058 0437 2027 2000 9772

If you type some number wrong, you can correct it by using the CORREGIR key (at the keyboard)

6) Type the amount

Type the amount you have to pay. Remember to type 2 zeros (00) at the end. Example: if you're paying for the Beach Day, you have to type 10,00

If you type some number wrong, you can correct it by using the CORREGIR key (at the keyboard)

7) Type identification

On the next set, choose the option "NIF" (on the left)

The code you need to type is: 23305941H

If you type some number wrong, you can correct it by using the CORREGIR key (at the keyboard)

8) Insert money

At this moment you can insert the money in the ATM. Remember: You have to insert all the notes together (in one time)

9) Type the reason

You have to type the ACTIVITY NAME and your FULL NAME.



If you make a mistake, you can correct it by clicking on BORRAR (in the screen)

10) Verify all the data

Verify that everything is correct and click on "CONFIRMAR LA OPERACIÓN" (the text depends on the language).

That's it!

At the end you'll get a printed receipt for you, and the ATM will ask you if you want another copy.

  • If you're paying for an activity, you don't need another copy since we check all the payments online


  • When can I pay?
    At any time, the ATM is open all day long ;)
  • Can I pay with coins or with a credit card?
    Sadly no, the ATM only works with banknotes :(
  • I don't have the exact amount, will the ATM give me change?
    Yes, it gives change (in coins), but with a limit (normally 5 o 10 €, it will say on the screen). If you have more money, you could ask in the bank office to get change.
  • I just paid and forgot to type the reason of the payment!
    No problem, just write us to and tell us when you made the payment and we'll fix it ;)